"Modernism and It's Discontents"

Hello! Samantha here. This is just a little blog I made to help identify and study all the works of art that one must know for the Art History 143 final exam. Each work of art is labeled and tagged with it's title, artist, and year of creation. They are posted in order from the oldest to most recent lecture in which we discussed them. If you'd like to view them in a random order, just click the "shuffle" button in the upper right hand corner of the page :)

My icon is "Painting", 1946 by Francis Bacon
~ Tuesday, September 20 ~

Title: Tree of Fluids 
Artist: Jean Dubuffet
Year: 1950

Title: Tree of FluidsĀ 

Artist: Jean Dubuffet

Year: 1950

Tags: Tree of Fluids Dubuffet 1950
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